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Why the Arius YDP-143R Piano Is One Of The Best Digital Pianos

Yamaha has dubbed its Arius YDP-143R as “suitable for any aspiring pianist” because of its authentic piano touch, this makes it one of the best digital piano on the market. While it retains many of Yamaha Acoustic Piano’s many admirable and well-loved features, it also integrates a new kind of technology for the benefit of the player. What makes the Arius YDP-143 sound so good and authentic is its till Pure CF Sound Engine. The sounds produced by this engine is directly sampled from Yamaha’s widely-loved Yamaha 9′ CFIIIS concert grand piano. Another feature that makes playing the YDP-143 like playing a real concert grand piano or a real acoustic piano is its Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keys. This means that the touch is lighter on the higher register keys than the lower register keys. The player can adjust the key’s touch response to his or her’s preference and liking. It features three different pedals: soft, sostenuto, and damper with half pedal function. Another great feature that all pianos have is that it never needs to be tuned.

Perhaps the reason why the Arius YDP-143 is a great piano for students and aspiring pianists to use to practice is its Stereophonic Optimizer. It makes listening to yourself play easier because you can use headphones. Aside from this, you can record yourself playing and listen to it later on– this is a great feature for pianists who want to perfect their technique.

One other feature that makes this one of the best digital piano is that you can change the piano’s settings to simulate a digital reverb from a variety of different performance locations. You can choose the locations you can choose from are Recital Hall, Concert Hall, Chamber and Club; or else, you can just opt not to add a reverb effect. You can sound like you’re playing at a concert hall when you’re really just in your living room!

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Aside from the digital reverb simulation, you can also adjust the settings of what kind of voice you want. The voices you can choose from are different kinds of grand pianos, electronic pianos, harpsichord, vibraphone, pipe organ, jazz organ, and strings. Not only can you choose from a variety of voices, you can ever layer two different voices on top of each other.

All these features can be controlled using the intuitive control panel located at the side. Otherwise, you can control it using your computer, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. You can connect your piano to these iOS devices using a USB cord or you can opt for a wireless connection by using a UD-BT01 Bluetooth adaptor. Adjusting your piano’s settings are made easier through the apps available for your use. One of these apps is the Digital Piano Controller, which makes accessing your piano’s multiple features even easier. So, you can select the voice, control the reverb, adjust the metronome, and transpose the pitch.

The piano’s look is sleek but it also still has that acoustic piano look to it. It comes in three different finishes: black walnut, satin white, and dark rosewood. Of course, it also comes with a bench, 50 classic piano songs built-in, and a music book with 50 songs. This is why we think it is possibly the best digital piano on the market today.

For those out there who want the great sound that a real grand piano can offer without having to spend a fortune, Yamaha’s Arius YDP-143 is the way to go. It reproduces the sound quality of a Yamaha Grand Piano and it also features the functionality and technological advances of Yamaha’s electronic keyboards without compromising its aesthetic.